Adventures On Planet Procgue

Here you are, at the rim of the known universe. You are a scavenger with nothing left, looking for loot on abandoned planets. Your spaceship's energy is depleted and needs a replenishment very soon. Your last option is to land on nearby planet Procgue and to find the precious Andersonite crystals in the depths of the planet. Just as you land your spaceship, the engine dies with a dissatisfied belch. Your adventure to escape the planet begins.

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Planet Procgue guide

Warning: contains spoilers. You can totally do without this guide.

Captain! Your goal is to find Andersonite crystals. These are found deep underground. You have to explore many levels before you reach the depths where the crystals can be found. During your descent you’ll encounter many deadly creatures that are dwelling the tunnels and caves.

Fortunately the previous inhabitants have left many items in these tunnels that will help you to reach your goal.


The depths of planet Procgue are vast, and it is no use mapping them, though you'll find some maps during your descent. Adventurer beware: the deeper you dwell, the darker the creatures will be!


There are many weapons to be found, but not all can be used unless you gained enough experience.


Armor is essential to block damage. You can toughen yourself up by wearing armor on your head, torso, hand, legs and feet.


You will not survive unless you replenish yourself with food, drinks and other healthy items. Make sure you never venture round without ample supplies of healthy stuff. Every cup of coffee counts!

Robot merchants

Remnants of the planet are the robot merchants. They can provide you with all the essential stuff, but at a price! You'll need hard found credits to buy stuff. On the other hand, you can make a good amount of credit by selling stuff you find in these subterrean places.


Most tools can help you navigate and survive the caves and dungeons.

Animal guide

Taking good care of your animal guide can help you find the crystals. Its cuteness will keep the monsters away! They's stay with you as longs as you feed them.


There are some very precious stones to be found. Your robot merchant will get you a good price.

Import and export

Progress can be stored on your device using teleporters, use them wisely. To bring your progress to another device, copy the savestring and load it into the game.

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